Adrian KoltunAdrian Koltun II discovered he possessed magic at a young age when he received his first book and found himself traveling to whole new and exciting worlds simply by reading words on a page. He became afflicted with a thirst for any and all things fantastical and rare was the day that he hadn’t been captivated by the pages of a new book, forever seeking that far off realm of imagination. A change came to him when he at last lifted his head out from the pages of books and saw a silver screen leading to a whole new realm of possibilities.

It was this passion for that which is “story” that led him to chase his educational muse through the doors of the Art Institutes International Minnesota where he emerged with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Media Arts & Animation. Though he was able to create wondrous images and characters, it was his true gift for writing that drove Adrian to seek his passion with Full Sail University’s BFA program in Creative Writing. While learning to craft his literary skills in a variety of media, he found a talent for writing fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

His first published story “I Am…” premiered in G-Fan Magazine in the summer of 2011. Geared up for the next part of his journey, Adrian clutches tightly to his dream of becoming a novelist and is currently working to complete his first novel, To The Forgotten, due for release in 2015.


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